17yo Girl’s Testimony Of Hamas Capture Released

According to reports, Hamas terrorists freed hostage Agam Goldstein Almog (17) after she had been held captive for 51 days.

Recently, Almog described the death of her father and other horrific occurrences. Upon entering their shelter, Hamas immediately shot him. After they took them outdoors, they saw their dad lying with both arms raised. There was no time to say goodbye or even kiss him. Her sister was also shot after she passed out.

As they made their way to Gaza, Algam said thoughts of their impending demise consumed their minds.

After leaving a residence, they were led to a tunnel where young girls were waiting. Sexual abuse was a reality for a number of the girls. They sustained complicated injuries that were tough to treat. They helped each other bandage themselves. According to Almog, there was both psychological and bodily harm.

During the Hamas terrorist strikes on October 7th, a captured member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad confessed to raping Israeli women. The elite national police unit in Israel, Lahav 433, has gathered evidence that Hamas militants have used rape as a weapon of war.

A New York Times article was published after two months of research on the sexual assault and savagery perpetrated by Hamas militants against Israeli women. A total of 150 individuals, including witnesses, rape counselors, medical staff, and soldiers, were interviewed for the report.

Wherever Hamas terrorists attacked, women were brutalized, according to Israeli authorities.

After proof of Hamas’s mistreatment of women, UN Women (the UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women) finally lightly condemned Hamas for its rampage against women.

The United Nations has spoken out against the terrorist assault on civilians by Hamas, but UN Women has refused to address allegations of gender-based violence committed by the group.