2 Men Charged With Outrageous Benefit Scheme For Migrants

In the United States, the situation at the southern border continues to worsen. While illegal migration into the nation through the porous and lengthy border that exists with the nation of Mexico has been a problem for decades, in recent years the flow of migrants has soared to record levels. The problem has been clearly exacerbated and allowed to fester by the incumbent President and the federal bureaucracy at large. After defeating the 45th president Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, the current commander in chief Joe Biden began his term of service in January of 2021. Immediately, Biden reversed many of Trump’s immigration policies.

Trump had instituted policies which created a “remain in Mexico” policy. The administration had ended the practice of allowing people to be detained at the border and then enter the United States freely after being processed and given a notice for an immigration judicial hearing. Many of these people who benefitted from this policy were never heard from again (by the federal authorities legally). Trump has ended this practice and illegal migration numbers had decreased. Biden reinstated the policy and the results have been catastrophic – millions of migrants have already entered the nation and tens of thousands continue to do so on a daily basis.

But it is not just the illegal migration problem America faces that is an issue- the nation’s legal immigration system has long been broken. In New York City, two Indian visa holders were arrested for running a scheme in which they helped people commit visa fraud. Rambhai Patel and Balwinder Singh ran a scheme in which they staged fake robberies of convenience stores so that the owners of such stores (who were often immigrants) could apply for a special visa status which allowed them an easier path to citizenship and to be able to stay in the country for a longer period due to the change in visa status.