24 Migrants Discovered Locked in Trailor at Border Checkpoint in Texas

The United States remains embroiled in troubling circumstances domestically and internationally. Since the 46th president of America Joe Biden entered the oval office in January of 2021, things have generally gone awry for the nation under his incompetent administration. Millions of illegal migrants have been allowed to pour through the southern border nearly unchecked and unfettered, inflation brought about by reckless congressional spending promoted by Biden stands at its highest levels in decades, and the economy remains volatile. On the global stage, America’s adversaries like Russia and China have taken aggressive positions in international affairs, taking advantage of the president’s feckless leadership and America’s position of weakness. Russia in particular is engulfed in a major war in Ukraine, and while the conflict is a stalemate, it likely could have been avoided entirely if the American president had governed from a position of strength. What’s worse, the American taxpayer has already been forced by congress to send billions of dollars to Ukraine- and today another $1 billion in spending was pledged. Things are dark in America.

While the media continues to attack the former president Donald Trump (who faces four criminal indictments), Republican lawmakers in the house of representatives continue to investigate the activities of Joe Biden while he served as Vice President under Barack Obama and those of his son, Hunter. In newly surfaced emails, it appears that the sitting president had used aliases in messaging while serving as Vice President in order to share confidential government information and discuss overseas business, exploiting his office for personal gain and possibly committing treasonous activities.

As political charades continue as usual in Washington D.C. the border crisis continues to worsen as the federal government does nothing to address it. Recently, 24 migrants were found by the border patrol in the Rio Grande Valley Sector after being locked up in a tractor trailer attempting to enter the border at a checkpoint in Texas.