Biden Takes Commanding Lead From Biden

As the calendar year of 2024 begins, the upcoming presidential election inches closer; the November contest is now just about 10 months away. The state of political, cultural, and economic affairs in the United States has been deteriorating slowly for decades, but over the last three years, the situation has declined at a markedly more noticable rate. This has largely been due to the poor leadership of the 46th president and the current incumbent Joe Biden. Biden was elected in 2020 by voters who hoped he would be a unifying force in a nation that was extremely divided. In reality, Biden has made many comments that have openly slandered millions of Americans – calling the country racist, the threat of white supremacy the “largest” issue the nation faces, and even labeling people who support the former president as “MAGA” extremists. This rhetoric has done nothing to ease tensions and end a divide. It has only stoked resentment and heightened emotions.

As the election nears closer, it appears largely that the upcoming contest will be a rematch of the closely contested 2020 election in which Biden defeated the 45th president Donald Trump. Trump currently remains the Republican frontrunner for the parties presidential nomination, and remains the leading candidate amongst GOP voters. Despite facing four criminal indictments and a few challengers for the nomination in the form of Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley, Trump retains a massive primary lead of nearly 50 points over the rest of the pack.

It’s not just in the Republican primary that Trump appears to be gaining steam. Despite mounting litigation, criminal charges, and even crazy and unconstitutional attempts by leftists to use the judicial system to misinterpret a constitutional amendment in order to prevent him from appearing on the ballot, Trump continues to hold steady in the polls. Recently, A Suffolk University poll showed Trump with a 2 point lead over Biden in a hypothetical general election.