Blue Origin Capsule Gets Stuck in Shrubbery on Landing

Six individuals were sent into orbit by billionaire Jeff Bezos’s space business Blue Origin from West Texas on its first crewed trip since an engine failure suspended the company’s operations in August 2022.

The six people on board safely descended to Earth when the capsule touched down in a bushy area in the heart of West Texas wild vegetation.

At the fifty-minute point in the live-streamed video of the round-trip journey, crew members from Blue Origin are seen attempting to remove some resistant vegetation surrounding the capsule. Two staff members brought a step ladder to allow the crew to exit. It took the crew a considerable amount of time to clear the area around the ship.

The space travelers emerged out the hatch, arms raised in victory, once the ladder had been set up and the shrubbery had been momentarily controlled.

Some social media users wasted no time making light of the fact they went out to the edge of space (62.1 miles above Earth) only to be trapped by some lowly bushes on their return home.

Aside from the problem with the vegetation, this voyage is notable because Ed Dwight, who was a member of the crew, was the oldest astronaut ever at the age of 90. Additionally, he had an opportunity for a remarkable second chance on Sunday after being passed up as the first black astronaut applicant for the US space program in the 1960s.

Following a two-year absence, Blue Origin’s return flight was a success.

In 2022, the New Shepard reusable rocket had a booster problem while in flight, forcing the company to temporarily halt operations. The rocket had to jettison its capsule containing NASA research. Fortunately, no one was on board the flight.  As a result of the failure, the FAA forced them to redesign several engine components and ordered 21 other remedial measures.