Brazilian Woman Arrested For Bringing Corpse of Man Into Bank to Sign For Loan

The profession of teaching has long been viewed by many as a noble and worthy pursuit. Indeed, educators across the world have great responsibility to influence the youngest generations of humanity in a positive way. While parents and the social upbringing of a child within the home undoubtedly plays a larger role in the long term trajectory of the mannerisms and character of a child, teachers and the educational environment in which they are present are a close second in terms of influence. While many individuals may recall for many years the impact that a good and able teacher has on the mind and impressions of a youth, bad teachers are equally as remembered. It is no secret that the American education system is in a poor state. in a recent report by NPR, United States reading scores (along with mathematics) dropped to their lowest average levels since the 1970’s in 2023. In truth, across the board, American children are struggling in terms of academics. It seems that in public schools, students are simply not striving for academic success.

Horrifically, a teacher who was recently married has been arrested in Iowa. Only months after her wedding, Cassidy Kraus, aged 24, was arrested on two counts of lascivious acts with a child among other charges. The youngest male student she was involved with was 13 years old. Kraus reportedly engaged in lewd acts with children multiple times.

While America’s moral fabric deteriorating and educational system may be failing, it is still technically “living”- unlike an individual in this next story. Further south of the Continental United States, a woman allegedly brought a corpse- yes, the body of a deceased individual to sign a loan. On camera, footage caught a woman dragging the body of a 68-year old to a bank to sign a loan- the individual had been dead for hours. Once the plot was discovered, she was charged with fraud.