Chechnya Passes Bizzare New Bill Banning Fast Music

Fearing that Western rave and techno music might “pollute” the Russian Republic, Chechnya has bizarrely banned any songs faster than 116 beats per minute.

Reports in Chechen media indicate that the administration restricted and encouraged more traditional music and dance forms.

The new musical standard starts at 80 beats per minute and is far slower than most contemporary mainstream music.

The Chechen minister of culture,  Musa Dadaev, feels they must preserve the rich cultural history of the Chechen people for present and future generations. He said it is unacceptable to borrow musical culture from other people.

Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov approved the move, but the new regulations would, ironically, make it illegal to play the iconic Russian military anthem, Victory Day, which has 126 beats per minute.

The Russian national anthem, which plays at 76 beats per minute, will also be outlawed, along with most samba, trance, and waltz music.

Vladimir Putin’s devoted follower, Kadyrov, has been vocal in his support of the conflict in Ukraine.

Under the authoritarian’s watch, western influence was cracked down on, homosexuality was outlawed, and women’s rights were eroded.

Vladimir Putin has Katyrov’s unwavering loyalty, but reports from Kremlin insiders and research organizations indicate that the connection has been strained since the conflict started, according to the 47-year-old strongman ruler of Chechnya, a republic inside the Russian Federation.

He promised to deploy a further three thousand soldiers to Ukraine in November and said that Wagner forces were currently undergoing training alongside his special forces.

With a family of fourteen children under his belt, Kadyrov is a practicing Muslim.

It was commonly believed that he had a renal condition last year, but he seems to have healed.

According to some accounts, he may have been poisoned.