China Hosts Organ Donor Memorial Event to Deflect Organ Theft Accusations

China’s official newspaper, The Global Times, praised the Communist Party for organizing a national remembrance event regarding human organ donation, lending Beijing’s organ trade an air of legitimacy despite mounting evidence that the Party murders political prisoners to sell their bodies.

The Communist Party has long been accused by activists, doctors, and eyewitnesses of systematically murdering political prisoners to sell their organs to those who are prepared to pay for the advantage of fast transplant scheduling.

Officials in China allegedly murder hundreds of individuals every year by targeting Falun Gong adherents and Uyghur Muslims, whose organs may be sold to rich Muslims in the Middle East.

In March, at a congressional hearing, leading expert Ethan Gutmann informed American lawmakers that anomalies in the government’s record of organ transplants suggest that China may be murdering up to 50,000 Uyghurs annually to steal their organs. China is presently carrying out what is generally recognized as a genocide in occupied East Turkistan, targeting Uyghurs along with other Turkic ethnic groups. Millions of people have been captured and held in concentration camps, where they have been subjected to enslavement, forced sterilization, and indoctrination.

According to the Chinese government, all organs used in transplants are given willingly, and the country’s organ transplant business has expanded legally. Two organ donation ceremonies were held in China last December as part of the Belt and Road Initiative, a worldwide strategy to influence developing countries via predatory loans.

The Global Times claimed that 6,750,000 individuals had signed up to donate their organs.

The Australian National University (ANU) conducted a study in 2022 that found evidence from China’s organ transplant system that surgeons were being turned into executors due to problematic declarations of brain death wherein the doctors were seen as the direct cause of the deaths of many inmates whose organs were transplanted.

The research covered the years 1980–2015.   The study’s authors noted that the head of China’s transplant sector claimed in 2007 that inmates accounted for nearly all organ transplants. It was pointed out that there were several instances when the medical validity of the brain death designation was called into question.