Christie Faces Onslaught For Refusing To Endorse Trump

On Wednesday, Chris Christie declared his intention to halt his presidential campaign.

His campaign suffered by mainly centering on arguing that the former president should not be the Republican nominee. While primarily concentrating on denouncing Trump, he only managed to secure the “Republicans that hate Trump” vote.

On the 2024 campaign trail, Christie—the former governor of New Jersey who famously backed Trump after terminating his own 2016 presidential campaign—was the most vocal opponent of the former president. Unfortunately, Christie’s laser-like campaign would always be a long shot in a Republican party where Trump has preserved his position as the clear frontrunner.

Chris Christie has made it plain that he would not back Donald Trump, even if the former president receives a third nomination from his party.

After Christie announced the end of his campaign, he warned supporters that no one would tell the truth about Donald Trump, and his polarizing nature and tendency to incite resentment for personal gain are things that no one is willing to discuss.

Out of eight Republican candidates in the first presidential debate, the former governor of New Jersey was one of two who chose not to raise their hand when asked whether they would support Trump if he became their nominee and was found guilty in one of his continuing trials. He endorsed Trump in 2016, shortly after ending his campaign for president.

Allan Ryskind, the former editor of Human Events, said that even conservative Republicans who despise Trump recognize his achievements as president: a shimmering economy, booming 401(k)s, and the lowest unemployment rate for Black and Hispanic people in recent history. He ended America’s reliance on other countries for a vital wartime commodity—energy—by releasing the oil and natural gas sector.

To elect a Republican president and Congress, Chris Christie and the other previous contenders must join forces once the people have spoken in the primary process.