Conservative Influencer Robbed in Oakland While Covering Theft Incidents

In mid-April, outside of a vacated In-N-Out in Oakland, California, a conservative blogger was robbed.

Reportedly, the mid-March shutdown of the In-N-Out Burger in Oakland was the first in the franchise’s history.

While reporting on the issues of homelessness, poverty, and violence in Oakland, Benny Johnson had his vehicle windows broken. Johnson displayed his vehicle’s shattered windows and said that while they were shooting footage, they were robbed.

The felonies and misdemeanor crimes committed on the premises and in the vicinity of the Hegenberger corridor are the causes of business closures.  A Denny’s and a Subway have also shut down in the neighborhood due to safety concerns.

It had become routine for robberies to target customers utilizing the drive-through window of the restaurant. Often, customers were inside when thieves broke into their parked cars in the parking lot.

The first In-N-Out Burger to open in Oakland reportedly opted to close in January due to the alarming number of crime and automobile break-ins.

The persistent issues of homelessness and urban blight that have plagued the cities of California are prevalent in Oakland.

According to reports, residents of Oakland have encountered twenty-minute delay periods when dialing 911 for assistance.

Thousands of calls have been dropped by the city’s 911 system in the previous year, according to the most recent statistics from the California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES).

The Oakland Police Department’s (OPD) 911 center processes over 500,000 requests annually. However, in recent years, the city failed to respond to approximately fifty percent of calls as required by the state, according to reports. Calls to 911 must be handled within 15 seconds, 90% of the time, per Cal OES regulations.

In Oakland, violent crime reportedly increased by 21% in the previous year.

Oakland has experienced a persistent increase in violent crime despite the efforts of other prominent American cities to mitigate the heightened crime rates that emerged in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and the current bad economy.