Convicted Murderer Eligible For Parole After California Relaxes Laws

A British man’s brother has accused French police of a “cover-up” after his brother and his family were gunned down in the Alps.

Twelve years ago, a BMW was riddled with bullets and killed the passengers Saad al-Hilli, 50, his wife Iqbal,47, and their mother Suhaila al-Allaf, 74.

Many people, including British police, think that 45-year-old cyclist Sylvain Mollier, also killed in the attack,  was the intended target.

Two sisters managed to survive the slaughter that took place near the Lake. Seven-year-old Zainab Al-Hilli was beaten and took a bullet to her shoulder. Police discovered 4-year-old Zeena Al-Halli alive after she hid between her mother’s knees for eight hours and avoided the assailants.

The horrific killings remain unsolved, and Saad’s brother, Zaid al-Hilli,  has recently criticized French police for their inadequate investigation.

According to Zaid, 63, who was freed from prison in 2013 after being imprisoned on conspiracy to kill charges but had them dropped owing to a lack of evidence, said the weak investigation was pure deception, adding that local crimes are sometimes not adequately investigated.

Despite a ballistic investigation suggesting that Mollier was shot first, suggesting he could have been the original target, French police investigating the case continued to focus on Saad as the primary victim, according to Zaid.

William Bourdon, one of France’s most famous attorneys, has been retained by Zaid to launch a new probe.

The ongoing tragedy may soon have new answers thanks to cutting-edge DNA testing.

About ten cigarette butts discovered nearby the murders will be reexamined.

Clothes will also be examined, including a bike helmet, bicycle shoes, and athletic apparel that Mollier was wearing at the time of his demise, as well as Zainab’s footwear and garments and Saad’s clothing.

An insider went on to say that DNA techniques have come a long way since the murder probe began.

Nevertheless, the pistol holds the key to solving the case, as it had direct touch with the murderer.

A portion of the weapon’s handle remained near the family’s BMW, while the majority of the gun had already been taken.