Dean Phillips Thinks RFK Jr. Should be Included in Presidential Debate

House of Representatives member Dean Phillips, who is a Democrat from Minnesota was ecstatic to hear the news of former President Trump and current President Joe Biden debate each other again in this year’s upcoming election. However, Phillips believes it is only fair to allow independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to take the stage and debate against the two running parties as well.

During a recent interview with Fox News’s Bret Baier, Phillips was asked by Baier for his opinion on the Wednesday announcement about the upcoming presidential debates, which are scheduled for June and September of this year. The debates of Trump and Biden this year seem to be ahead of schedule, as normally presidential debates are held during the fall before election day. In response to Baier’s question, Phillips stated, “Hallelujah”.

Phillips further answered by stating that debates are vital parts of democracy, then referring to that not long ago, it seemed as though there may not be a debate for the first time in history, due to the tensions between Biden and Trump as well as Trump’s ongoing business-fraud trial in New York. Phillips then stated that he would prefer nonpartisan debate hosting and the inclusion of third-party candidates. Phillips followed up his reasoning by claiming that 25 to 30 percent of Americans do not want to vote for either Trump or Biden.

Phillips then stated that the agreement of the future debates between Trump and Biden is a step in the “right direction”, and that he hopes the debates discuss policy issues and are not just both candidates arguing and talking over one another.

Recently as of Wednesday, the Biden campaign suggested two debates with Trump, which would be the two’s first debate since the 2020 election. Meanwhile, Trump passed up on all GOP primary debates and instead chose to campaign in multiple states. Trump later accepted the offer to debate in June and September.