Devil-Worshipping Woman Murders Her Own Parents

Over the last several years, the state of international politics has quickly deteriorated, and the world now appears closer to World War Three than ever before, even in comparison to the cold war. Following the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden entered the oval office and became the 46th president of the United States. The aged career politician has appeared incompetent, incoherent, and even negligent in some cases, leading America into a serious of problematic and catastrophic situations. After championing massive spending packages that introduced trillions of dollars in new federal spending early in his term, Biden watched as rampant levels of inflation resulted, crushing the American working class and devaluing the dollar.

Internationally, Bidens weak leadership has threatened world peace. Biden and the Democrats had been vocal for many years regarding former President Trumps relationship with Vladimir Putin and claimed the 45th commander in chief was a friend of the Kremlin. Despite this, Biden removed many tough sanctions placed on Russia by Trump and allowed the country to drill for oil in the North Atlantic. Russia then invaded Ukraine, bringing war to Europe. In the Middle East, Hamas invaded Israel and 1,000 innocent civilians were murdered by the terrorist organization. Despite these atrocities, progressives and leftist activists in all professions have been vocal to condemn Israel, even within the Jewish nation. A teacher that was supposed to be teaching civics in an Israeli school was arrested after allegedly claiming that the terrorist attacks and murders in Israel were justified.

Humanity continues to commit atrocities that make the very essence of human nature be questioned. In a most recent report, a mentally deranged woman who allegedly was satanic killed her own parents. She is aged 27 years old and did so after posting a video on social media claiming to be an instrument of Satan. Horrifically, she used a knife to commit the atrocious act, making the killing intimate and brutal.