DHS To Use AI In Critical Training And Planning

America remains engaged in a “cold” cultural conflict at the domestic level. Indeed, while the climate of international politics is volatile, turbulent, and increasingly worrisome, the plethora of domestic fiscal and social issues that affect Americans at home are just as worrisome as the chaos that occurs at the global and foreign level. While rampant inflation continues to crush the struggling and shrinking working class, a social battle for the identity of American culture continues to rage on. In nearly aspect of American life, this conflict continues, and corporations often play a major role in it. Additionally, athletes, celebrities, and professional sports leagues also have made social causes a central focus over the years, much to the dismay of many members of the American public on both sides of the political aisle who look to such outlets for a leisurely escape from contemporary events.

In a latest development on the social front, the Washington National Cathedral unveiled new stained glass windows depicting “racial justice” protestors. The new glass replaces murals that previously honored Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, two Confederate generals who served the south in the American Civil War. The two generals had been removed six years ago, in 2017. The artist , Kerry James Marshall, claims that America has not lived up to its promise of liberty and freedom, and is still a flawed and oppressive nation. This is not the first instance of historical revisionism and erasure regarding American history. In 2022, the city of Richmond removed its last confederate statue, which depicted general A.P. Hill. Dozens of monuments in towns and cities across the nation have been vandalized, purposely removed, and destroyed in recent years.

The department of homeland security recently announced it will be developing artificial intelligence in order to deal with detecting drugs and other illicit substances when dealing with immigration procedures. The crisis at the southern border continues to worsen each day.