Disney’s Streaming Service Bleeds Millions Of Subscribers

In America, a cultural war has intensified over the last 7 years, and progressives and conservatives have clashed with each other over many social issues. Topics like abortion, race relations, and traditional gender roles and the nuclear family have often been debated. Controversially, though, in recent years even the most basic questions like the definitions of the words man and woman have been questioned, and the entire concept of biological gender has been debated.  Several years ago, gay marriage was legalized nationwide across America following the supreme court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges. Today, the vast majority of Americans support the legalization of same-gender marriage, with a supermajority of citizens supporting it at 71%. Showing the intense decline in the influence of religion and traditional values in America, young people and younger generations at large overwhelmingly are in favor of it.

In an unlikely place, the issue of marriage has been brought to the center of the political stage. All the way in India, on the continent of Asia, the issue is being debated and openly discussed in national politics. The state of India remains very traditional in nature, and while the large Asian country has increased dramatically in terms of population and has been cited by many as a quickly modernizing nation, the culture of the country remains very historic and traditional at large. Five years ago, India decriminalized sodomy. Recently the nations supreme court listened to arguments for and against legalizing same-gender marriage. After deliberations, the court decided to defer to parliament, stating it would be up to them to legislate.

In America, corporations have led the crusade promoting “woke” ideologies. Disney, the beloved entertainment company, has suffered tremendously financially in recent years after producing many films that were politically crafted. People have grown tired of the antics; when Disney raised streaming service prices twice in 2023, over 1.3 million people ceased their subscriptions to the online services.