Dubai Slowly Resumes Operations, Flights After Flooding Crisis

Planes are slowly taking off again in Dubai, while automobiles are still stuck in deep water. Tragically, twenty people have been killed in Oman and one in the UAE in the recent flash floods. The flooding has caused widespread unrest, with houses and stores reduced to rubble and cars abandoned. Thousands of delayed travelers crowded the airport on Wednesday, prompting Emirates and sister airline flydubai to warn customers to stay away. On Thursday, check-ins started. The world’s busiest airport for international travelers, Dubai International Airport, has finally opened Terminal 1 to foreign carriers for incoming flights, but departure flights are still running behind schedule.

CEO Paul Griffiths said something approaching normalcy should return to normal at Dubai Airports within the next day. Crowds of stranded passengers have been demanding flight updates over the last three days, causing chaos at the airport. Several intersections were cut off by flooding on Thursday, and at least one significant road was entirely submerged in water, adding to the already heavy traffic.

The United Arab Emirates has had the most significant rainfall since records started 75 years ago, and climate scientists believe this aligns with trends brought about by global warming. On Tuesday, the storms persisted, bringing further rain and hail to the already-overwhelmed metropolis. Dubai has received more than 5.59 inches of rainfall in 24 hours at the close of business on Tuesday.

Schools and government buildings in Oman have been shuttered, and over 1,400 people have been evacuated to shelters. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, president of the United Arab Emirates, has directed officials to evaluate the damage and provide assistance to families harmed by the extreme weather. He has also ordered an assessment of the country’s damaged infrastructure.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, sent a conciliation message saying that it demonstrated the strength of societies and countries. He cited the natural climate crisis as an example of how all Dubai residents showed tremendous care, awareness, unity, and love for every part of the country.