Fresh Poll Reveals Biden Taking 4-Point Lead Over Trump

A Reuters/Ipsos poll puts U.S. President Joe Biden four points ahead of former president Donald Trump in the following November election. In an online survey of 833 registered voters conducted throughout the country, 41% indicated they would choose Biden were an election held today, while 37% would support Trump. This four-point margin increased from March when Biden had a one-point edge in a Reuters/Ipsos survey. A further 22 percent of registered voters said they were undecided, leaning toward third-party candidates, or may not vote, demonstrating that many people are still unsure about who to support.

Biden’s 1-point edge isn’t huge among all respondents, but it’s big among registered voters. Voters already registered are more likely to cast a ballot in November. Although national polls reveal a lot about how the American public feels about various candidates, the electoral college in the United States usually determines the winner of a presidential election based on the results of a handful of a few large states.

According to polling, President Biden trails in two of the seven closest swing states. This is mainly because voters are unhappy with the economy and have doubts about Biden’s advanced age and ability to lead coherently. His many gaffes and stumbles are well-documented. If Biden wants to be re-elected, he must hold on to the “blue wall” of states that Trump lost in 2020: Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Trump has a commanding lead in Pennsylvania by three points and Michigan by two, but there are still many undecided voters in both states.

A potential deciding factor for any candidate might be the approximately 15% of the vote that comes from third-party and independent candidates across all states. Lately, Democrats have ramped up their attempts to dissuade people from supporting Kennedy, who has garnered the endorsement of both Biden and Trump.