Fundraising Event Planned For Biden By Hollywood Celebrities, Obama

Hollywood celebrities are partnering with former President Obama to host a lavish Joe Biden fundraiser in June. The event is rumored to involve A-list actors, including Julia Roberts and George Clooney, and will be held in Los Angeles. It follows a similarly glitzy affair in New York City in March that featured Presidents Obama and Clinton and was attended by celebrities paying up to $500,000 per ticket. The occasion raised $26 million but was not without incident.

Pro-Palestinian protestors disrupted the event, incensed at President Biden’s handling of the Gaza war and his continued support for Israel. The President also faced criticisms and accusations of elitism online because he attended the star-studded affair while Donald Trump went to the funeral of a murdered New York Police Department (NYPD) officer, who was fatally shot the previous week.

President Biden is under similar pressure as news of the LA fundraiser hits the internet. Several people commented that Hollywood elites are the President’s most loyal followers, while less wealthy Americans are increasingly turning their backs. For example, a YouGov/Economist survey revealed that 52% of US voters are unhappy with Biden’s handling of the economy, and 59% are displeased by his White House performance overall.

On prices and inflation, 61% said they are unhappy with the President, with 52% saying he has not done enough to reduce crime. Furthermore, 60% say Biden is mishandling immigration.

Meanwhile, Hollywood elites are speaking out and urging Americans to back Biden. These include Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Seth MacFarlane, who has donated $100,000 to the Biden campaign. Tom Hanks has vocally supported President Biden since the start of his administration and loudly praised its economic achievements. “More jobs were created in 2021 than in any year in the last 80 years,” Hanks wrote on social media.

Fellow Hollywood icon Robert DeNiro has consistently denounced Donald Trump and is regularly featured at fundraising events. In 2022, he raised $2 million for various Democrat organizations.