GOP Rep Works To Remove Tax Exemption From Certain ‘Religions’

Rep. Josh Schriver (R-MI) revealed in late December that he is working on a bill to abolish religious tax exemptions for non-theistic groups like the Church of Satan.

The state senator revealed that the bill’s stated goal is to create a legal divide between what he called the “church of Jesus Christ” and the “Church of Satan.” Meanwhile, upon hearing Schriver’s proclamations, the progressive activist organization Right Wing Watch cautioned voters that Schriver does not “think the First Amendment’s religious liberty provisions apply equally to non-Christian faiths.”

In Schriver’s view, the state government treats Christian and Satanic organizations equally, which is inappropriate. He said he is formulating a policy to emphasize the difference between the church—specifically, the church of Jesus Christ—and this “Church of Satan.”

He doesn’t think it’s proper that the state views them as equal. Removing tax-exempt status from non-theistic sects like the Church of Satan is, in his opinion, entirely justified. As an example of why he is righteous, he said the First Amendment doesn’t protect against obscenity in many cases.

Schriver is also drafting another measure that would ban pornographic material. He said that as representatives chosen by God, congresspeople are obligated to guide the people and ensure that the nation is good and godly.

He said the truth is that he serves God, not man, and that there is only one person to whom they must answer—Jesus Christ.

An Iowa veteran named Michael Cassidy decapitated a figure in one of the Satanic Church’s displays in December at the Iowa State Capitol. The Satanic display was erected to counter a nativity scene that was being displayed.

The former Navy pilot surrendered to the authorities after the incident.

Soon after the statue incident in Iowa, in December, the Satanic Temple likewise displayed goats at the Michigan State Capitol.