House Speaker Rips Biden To Shreds For Neglecting Duty

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) expressed his frustration with the Biden administration and New York City Mayor Eric Adams after high school students in Brooklyn were displaced to accommodate migrants seeking shelter in their gym. The situation highlights the ongoing debate surrounding immigration policies and the prioritization of noncitizens over citizens.

Secretary Mayorkas’ confirmation that 85 percent of apprehended illegal immigrants are released into the interior United States is concerning to Johnson. He argues that the administration’s policy choices have led to students and teachers having to resort to remote learning to make room for illegal immigrants. Johnson asserts that support for illegal immigration, from the president to city mayors, has resulted in the needs of noncitizens taking precedence over the needs of citizens.

Johnson emphasizes the need to secure the southern border and reverse the administration’s approach. House Republicans have proposed the Schools Not Shelters Act, which aims to ensure that schools prioritize education rather than serving as venues for sheltering migrants. However, President Biden has threatened to veto the bill, and opposition from Biden’s Office of Management and Budget has prevented the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee from taking up the legislation.

When questioned about the situation, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre deflected the issue to New York City officials. The mayor’s office defended the decision to temporarily shelter migrants at James Madison High School, stating that it was a response to the storm and an effort to keep families safe.

Parents expressed their anger towards the asylum seekers as they arrived at the school, questioning the use of American tax money and the impact on their children’s education. New York has taken in around 70,000 migrants out of the 162,000 that have arrived since spring 2022.

Despite the migrants being cleared out of the school by 4:30 a.m., students were still required to attend classes virtually. Adams shared photos of the migrants in the gym, praising the city’s efforts to keep them safe and dry.

Other facilities have been established on Randall’s Island and at the former Creedmoor Psychiatric Center to accommodate migrants. However, extreme weather conditions have not necessitated the relocation of individuals to these alternative sites.

The incident at James Madison High School highlights the ongoing challenges and controversies surrounding immigration policies and the allocation of resources. The debate continues as policymakers and officials grapple with finding the right balance between humanitarian concerns and addressing the needs of the local population.