Idaho Quadruple Murder Suspects Files Alibi, Says He Was Out Driving

After four students were brutally murdered in their college residence on November 13, 2022, Bryan Kohberger, an Idaho murder suspect, presented an alibi to establish his innocence. Kohberger, 28, asserts that he routinely drove around the bucolic areas in Whitman County at night as a hobby and that his phone records support this.

Although the prosecution claims to have located Kohberger’s phone near the residence where the students were allegedly killed, his legal team intends to introduce a cellular data specialist to cast doubt on this claim.

The defense team representing Kohberger denied any involvement in the killings last year, although they did say that their client was out driving alone on the night in question. The judge set Wednesday’s deadline for further facts after ruling that driving alone was inadequate as an explanation. According to Kohberger’s legal team, they have further information on the alibi, but the prosecutors have not provided the additional discovery documents sought. They argue that the cellphone expert’s testimony will show that crucial exculpatory data, further supporting Kohberger’s alibi, was either not saved or is being suppressed due to the lack of discovery evidence.

On May 14, Kohberger’s lawyers will ask the judge to rule on a change of venue application. They say the jury couldn’t remain impartial given all the media attention surrounding their client’s case in the region. Authorities cited a white Hyundai observed on surveillance film traveling to and from the murder scene that matched Kohberger’s vehicle as a crucial piece of evidence when they apprehended him in December 2023, more than one month after the slayings. According to his alibi paperwork, the video footage does not seem to originate from Kohberger’s smartphone since cellular specialist Sy Ray will testify that Kohberger’s mobile did not go in that direction.

The victims’ relatives have accused the current procedure of being a delay strategy to improve Kohberger’s chances of being found guilty at trial. Despite the wishes of the victims’ families, the off-campus house where the four students were stabbed to death was demolished. The white Hyundai Elantra was later spotted again in surveillance footage driving through the neighborhood, which led to Kohberger’s initial alibi, in which he claimed to have been “driving alone” when the murders occurred.