James Comer Accuses WH of Obstructing Justice After Biden Refuses to Testify

Republican James Comer of Kentucky, who chairs the House Oversight Committee, has accused the Biden administration of trying to halt the investigation into the president’s potential impeachment.

On Wednesday, Comer sent a letter to Richard Sauber, the president’s special counsel, detailing the White House’s alleged pattern of obstruction throughout the investigation into President Biden’s impeachment.

In his letter, Comer claimed that the White House is preventing the National Archives from producing documents related to the impeachment investigation. The National Archives granted the Oversight Committee access to a batch of emails related to the impeachment probe at the beginning of April. According to National Review’s source, the White House only approves specific papers to be turned over to the National Archives.

Based on evidence from Hunter Biden and his former business associates Tony Bobulinski, Jason Galanis, and Rob Walker, he restated his questions for the president on any interactions he may have had with his son’s overseas business partners from Ukraine, Russia, and China.

Comer had asked the younger Biden to appear publicly with Bobulinski and Galanis in March, but he also rejected it. Privately testifying in February, Hunter Biden acknowledged that his father had met and conversed with his international business acquaintances. Hunter Biden insisted throughout his testimony that his father had no involvement in his global business transactions.

This week, Sauber let Comer know that the Biden administration would officially reject his invitation for Biden to go before a congressional committee and address allegations about the president’s family’s international business activities, many of which were handled by the president’s son Hunter. The queries Comer forwarded to the president were not answered in Sauber’s response.

In a news conference, he staged in disobedience to a congressional subpoena. Hunter Biden asked that House Republicans permit him to speak publicly before his private session. His attorney’s appearance at a Hanukkah celebration at the White House a few days before the news conference reignited suspicions of possible collaboration with the Biden administration.