Judge Denies Alec Baldwin’s Bid to Dismiss Manslaughter Charge

On Friday, a court in New Mexico rejected Alec Baldwin’s request to dismiss the involuntary manslaughter allegation that he faces in connection with the deadly shooting that occurred on the “Rust” set in 2021.

The prosecution was not guilty of acting in “bad faith” to obtain a grand jury indictment, as claimed in the motion, according to Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer.

In July, the trial is expected to begin.

While setting up a camera shot on a film location near Santa Fe, New Mexico, Halyna Hutchins was shot with a live shell after Baldwin brandished and pointed a pistol at her. The fundamental claim in the case is that the actor from 30 Rock did not pull the trigger.

According to Tre Lovell, a trial litigator specializing in entertainment and business, the majority of disagreements between the prosecution and defense stem from factual challenges, which are the kind of cases that jurors best decide.

He and other attorneys believe Baldwin would be acquitted because, as an actor, he was not liable for gun safety; this is a stance shared by the SAG-AFTRA performers organization in Hollywood.

But Baldwin was the project’s producer, not just an actor. Joel Souza, the director, was also injured in the event.

According to Mr. Baldwin, he just pulled back the pistol’s hammer and did not fire the trigger.

Also, he claims he is innocent of killing Ms. Hutchins since he was unaware the gun had live bullets and the set was not intended to have any.

The set’s weapons handler, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, received an 18-month prison term in April. She filed an appeal last week against her conviction.

After prosecutors presented additional forensic evidence, a grand jury in January indicted 66-year-old Mr. Baldwin on a new charge of involuntary manslaughter. He entered a not-guilty plea.

Experts testified the gun could not “go off” on its own; the trigger must have been pulled.

Judge Sommer dismissed the actor’s claims that the grand jury procedure was biased against him in a Friday night ruling that rejected the motion.