Kim Kardashian Thinks Taylor Swift Should Move On From Feud, Sources Say

It seems that Taylor Swift’s current album, The Tortured Poets Department, has reignited her long-running rivalry with Kim Kardashian, which the reality star finds frustrating.

When the 34-year-old singer-songwriter’s second disc was abruptly published two hours after the first disk, speculation began among her followers that she was calling out Kardashian.

It didn’t take an expert decipherer to pick up on the code of the song “Thank You, Aimee.” It was spelled ‘Thank you aIMee,’ with the letters K, I, and M in bold. Fans saw it as a dig at Kardashian, considering their history of feuds.

An insider said Kim has decided to put the feud in the past and wants Taylor to do the same.

The insider said it is no longer her concern and that Taylor should stop worrying about it. Furthermore, Kim fails to grasp Taylor’s obsession with her. Nonetheless, the hitmaker’s legion of devoted followers may attest that their alleged ongoing feud still weighs heavily on Swift.

Some Swifties were so disappointed they took to social media after Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearance to voice their disapproval that the host didn’t address Thank You Aimee or the two artists’ history of feuding.

Someone else said that Jimmy couldn’t talk about Taylor, but he could have called her “Aimee” by mistake.

It seems that Kanye West’s 2016 album The Life Of Pablo was the catalyst for Kim and Taylor’s long-running feud.

Famous, a track from the album, features rapping by Kim’s ex-husband about a possible romance with Taylor. He also says that that individual became famous because of him.

The statement supposedly alludes to the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, when the rapper allegedly cut off Taylor’s acceptance speech to honor Beyonce.

Kim said in 2019, during an interview on Watch What Happens Live, that the three of them had moved on from their argument, and the situation seemed to quiet down in the years that followed.

Taylor revealed in her 2023 TIME Person of the Year biography that the disagreement greatly affected her mental health despite her present job success and fame.

Kim has been the target of Swifties, Swift’s devoted followers, who have been teasing her on Instagram comments ever since the publication of Thank You, Aimee.