Lauren Boebert’s Husband Arrested After Disturbing Incident

In a disturbing incident, the ex-husband of Colorado Republican Lauren Boebert was taken into custody on suspicion of physically abusing his 18-year-old son, slamming him and making a threatening gesture toward the teen’s mouth as if “going to rip his tooth out.”

According to an arrest warrant, Jayson Boebert was taken into custody on Tuesday concerning an incident involving their son, Tyler, at their Silt, Colorado, residence.

The arrest warrant states that officers from the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office were sent to Boebert’s residence at around one in the morning on Tuesday after Tyler had contacted 911 and informed the operator that his father was intoxicated and armed.

According to the deputy, Boebert “placed his right-hand thumb into Tyler’s mouth… [and] Tyler believed that Jayson was trying to rip his teeth out” as the altercation between the father and son intensified.

While the claimed altercation occurred, Tyler managed to get a hold of his mobile phone and called his mom, who instructed her son to contact the police. Boebert reportedly became enraged when he saw his son sprawled on a bed with a laundry basket full of clothes. He proceeded to seize the teen’s phone and then attacked him.

Boebert was taken into custody by the police on Tuesday on charges of three misdemeanors: third-degree assault, harassment, and forbidden use of firearms relating to the incident involving his son.

On January 6 at Silt’s Miner’s Claim restaurant, Boebert called the police on his ex-wife, claiming that she had struck him in the face as an instance of “domestic violence.” A court document states that an officer from the Silt Police Department made eight separate efforts to remove Boebert from the overcrowded eatery.

The two were discussing their “new lovers” at Jayson’s previous marital house, according to Lauren Boebert, who contacted the police.

The fiery Republican informed the police that when they were in their previous apartment, her ex-boyfriend drank three shots of Tequila.

According to her, Jayson made an attempt to “come at her,” but she repelled him and admonished him, saying, “Don’t touch me, like do not touch me.”

Boebert continued to drink while the two continued their talk at Miner’s Claim.

Disorderly conduct, third-degree trespass, and obstruction of a peace officer were further charges against Boebert.

Divorced in 2023, the pair filed for irreconcilable differences after marriage in the middle of the 2000s.