Majority Of Voters Think Biden & Trump Are Too Old

Over the last seven years following the 2016 presidential election in which the reality TV star and business mogul Donald Trump achieved an upset victory over the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, the political situation within the United States has worsened considerably. Tensions have risen, the country appears more divided than at any other time since the American Civil War 160 years ago, and the very identity and nature of the nation is at serious question. Indeed, since the 1960s and the counter culture movement, collectivist radical leftists have infiltrated American politics and slowly and decisively have gradually “moved the cultural needle” in calculated steps. These leftists have sought to radically and fundamentally transform America by completely dismantling the integrity of its long cherished founding institutions, undermine the traditional rule of law in the country, destroy the nuclear family, remove religion and God from the public sphere, and hijack the national public education system in order to indoctrinate the youth and ensure the fall of the traditional American culture.

As the 2024 presidential election inches ever closer, the state of America’s economic and cultural health is poor; Joe Biden (the sitting president) has appeared incompetent, weak, and truly damaging as the commander in chief. In a recent ruling, leftist activist judges serving on the Colorado state supreme court ruled in favor of radical activists and barred the former president Donald Trump from appearing on the state’s primary ballot, claiming he supported an insurrection. Trump has not been found guilty of anything (he faces indictments), and the 5th amendment has been totally undermined. Newt Gingrich, a longtime conservative political figure, claims this action could have “disastrous” consequences.

The vast majority of American citizens believe that Joe Biden and Donald Trump are too old to serve another term as president. In a recent poll released by ABC, 86% said Biden is too old (81), and 62% said Trump is also too old (77).