Man Murdered By Teenager During Bus Ride

Denver police have charged a 13-year-old kid with first-degree murder in connection with the shooting death of an RTD bus passenger.

On January 27, at the intersection of South Federal Boulevard and West Mississippi Avenue, three minors got into an altercation with 60-year-old Richard Sanchez, who was shot numerous times. While arguing over Sanchez’s leg obstructing the aisle, the shooting ensued.

The interaction, which began when the minors got on the bus and ended less than two minutes later, is described in greater detail in the extensively redacted affidavit.

As Sanchez came down the aisle with his leg outstretched, the three minors got on the bus at 6:37 p.m. According to the affidavit, they either hopped or stepped over his leg. Words were exchanged with the juvenile while the group tried to pass Sanchez, according to witnesses who informed the police. Sanchez approached the bus’s rear and, facing the youngster, climbed onto the elevated platform a little over one minute later. Those present then reported a “verbal altercation” to the authorities. The youngster pulled a pistol from his hoodie, pointed it at Sanchez, and fired seven rounds.

The three minors got off the bus after Sanchez fell on the floor beside the back door. The murderer joined the other youngsters in stepping over Sanchez and out the rear door while one of them seemed to brandish a weapon at Sanchez.

Among the fourteen allegations against the minor, which he faces after his detention on February 1, are assault, first-degree murder, endangering a public transport crew, and possession of a firearm while a juvenile.

The decision to try him as an adult has not been made by the prosecutors.

Along with the misdemeanor accusation of having a firearm while a teenager, the charges include the crimes of assault and endangering a public transit crew.