Marjorie Taylor Greene Adds Amendment, Bill Supporters to Join Ukraine Military

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) added an amendment to the supplemental budget for Ukraine, which would make it mandatory for lawmakers who support the measure to join the Ukrainian military.

According to reports, Greene’s amendment arrives as House Republicans revealed the legislative text containing four measures consolidated into one.

The proposed legislation entails the allocation of $30.8 billion to Ukraine, $26.4 billion to Israel, and $8.1 billion to Taiwan’s foreign aid to supposedly counter the growing threat of China in the Indo-Pacific.

An additional set of defense measures aimed at bolstering the national security of the US constitutes the focus of the fourth bill.

Greene’s provision states that members of Congress who cast their ballots in support of this Act shall be obligated to serve their conscription in the Ukrainian military, as stated in the amendment to the Ukrainian Security Supplemental Appropriations Act 2024.

On Tax Day, during a confidential meeting of the House Republican Conference, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) disclosed his intention to consolidate all four measures into a solitary legislation, with a singular vote to be conducted.

If the ballot is successful, individual voting for each of the measures will be made possible.

The legislative bundle, including its four constituent measures, would merely require a majority vote on the floor to pass.

Johnson had previously disclosed that before the final vote, members of Congress would have the opportunity to offer additional amendments to each of the four distinct measures when they were introduced to the floor.

A mere 72 hours were allotted for members of Congress to examine the legislation bundle before Saturday’s vote.

According to several reports, House Speaker Mike Johnson changed his mind about Ukraine aid because of his senior policy advisor, a former lobbyist whose clientele includes several significant corporations that have published statements expressing support for war.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has filed the motion to vacate Johnson from the Speaker’s office.