Member Of ‘Beach Boys’ Passes At 67

The music industry mourns the loss of Jeffrey Foskett, a cherished Beach Boys member who passed away on Monday at the age of 67. Foskett, affectionately known as the “vice principal of the Beach Boys” by his bandmates, battled anaplastic thyroid cancer with unwavering strength and courage.

Foskett’s musical journey was a remarkable one. He joined Brian Wilson’s solo band in 1998, leaving a lasting impact until 2014. Before that, he was integral to Love’s Beach Boys from 1981 to 1998. Despite a brief departure, Foskett rejoined the group in 2015, lending his talent until his stage 4 cancer diagnosis in 2019, as reported by Variety.

Expressing profound sorrow over the loss of his close companion, Brian Wilson posted a sincere tribute on social media. “I am devastated by the passing of my dear friend Jeff Foskett,” Wilson expressed. “Jeff was a constant presence during our tours, and his contributions were indispensable. One of the most gifted individuals I’ve ever encountered, he excelled as a musical leader, guitarist, and possessed a voice that could harmonize like an angel.”

In his emotional post, Wilson reminisced about their enduring friendship, dating back to 1976 when Foskett knocked on his door in Bel Air. Their bond remained unbreakable throughout the years. “I don’t know what else to say,” Wilson expressed. “Love and Mercy to Jeff’s family and friends. We will remember him forever.”

Foskett’s contributions extended beyond his time with the Beach Boys. He pursued a solo career, releasing albums such as “Thru My Window” in 1996. Italia Guitars recognized his musical prowess and honored him in the late 2010s with a series of guitars bearing his name.

Fans and fellow artists are flooding social media with tributes, reminiscing about Foskett’s captivating performances and the lasting impact of his music. His memory will forever be intertwined with the melodies that touched the hearts of many.

As we bid farewell to Jeffrey Foskett, we celebrate his remarkable talent, unwavering dedication, and the legacy he leaves behind. His musical contributions will continue to resonate with fans for generations to come, reminding us of the power of music to transcend time and touch our souls. May he rest in peace, his spirit forever echoing through the melodies he shared with the world.