Mexican Migrants Say They Want Biden to Win as Trump Won’t Let Them In

According to border jumper’s fears, Joe Biden’s victory against Donald Trump, who has threatened to tighten immigration policies, is their last hope if they are unable to cross the border by election day. Trump’s reductions in visas and green cards during his first term in office have caused migrants to worry that he would eliminate their only legal entrance option.

Ilegal and potential illegal aliens are rooting for a Biden victory in November.

One of the major crossings, Brownsville, Texas, has recently become a hotspot for asylum seekers. They could use an app to apply for asylum, which would release them into the US until a hearing was held to decide the merit of their claim. After an interview at the border, they are allowed to enter the US. But Trump used the immigration situation as a political weapon against Biden, so he coerced House Republicans into scrapping the measure.

Migrants are being entangled in a partisan stalemate in the United States, which is making the border crisis seem intractable. Biden attempted to tackle the problem with a bipartisan plan that had been crafted after months of Senate negotiations, but House Republicans were coerced into destroying the bill by Trump, who wanted to exploit the immigration crisis as a political weapon against Biden.

To qualify for asylum in the United States, an individual must prove that they were forced to abandon their native country due to persecution or fear of violence. Up until then, migrants are released, either willingly or after being bussed to locations like Chicago or New York by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Disputes between Republicans and Democrats have only served to deepen the already complicated US-Mexico border conflict. While Republicans are hesitant to clamp down on illegal immigration since their corporate base relies on cheap undocumented labor, Democrats have been at war on the appropriateness of border openness. Nevertheless, the current political climate makes it hard to say if these critiques hold water.