Migrants Hide Amongster Middle Schoolers To Dodge Authorities

Since the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, it seems as if nothing has gone right for America or the president. Rampant inflation brought about by reckless government spending peaked at historic levels in 2022 and remains a crippling force against the middle class. The value of the dollar has declined, and wages are stagnant; some 60% of the country is living paycheck to paycheck. Millions of illegal migrants from across the world continue to pour into the country from the southern border and the government is unwilling or unable to stop them. The massive waves of illegal migration that have soared towards the national southern border and into the nation since President Biden’s term began are unprecedented in the history of America. People are predominantly arriving from south America, but in truth, individuals from all over the world are flooding into the nation through the porous southern border. Recently, two Iranian nationals were apprehended at the southern border who had been placed on the American “watch list” for terrorists.

Recently an illegal named Juan Martinez Merida was caught at the southern border; his record there shows how weak America’s immigration policies are in their current state. Merida had previously been deported in October and had been detained in seven separate instances at the border, showing how porous and broken the border and the system is. The American system is truly broken. The country utilizes a “voluntary departure” policy at times; in this case, an illegal apprehended gives their word to leave on their own accord and is then released without an official order. Merida had taken advantage of this many times and therefore was never issued a final order to leave. Merida is wanted for murder in Mexico; he was captured in Philadelphia in August.

In New Mexico, migrants were discovered dressed in children’s clothing near a middle school in Arizona, attempting to evade capture. America’s borders are truly wide open.