Multiple Family Members Killed in Crash With Tanker in UK

The identities of the three family members who perished in the tragic collision in Queensland have been revealed.

The accident happened at the crossroads of Nanango Tarong Road and Nanango, which is located around 180 kilometers northwest of Brisbane on the D’Aguilar Highway.

A collision between a vehicle and an 18-wheeler truck was reported on Thursday just before 6 am. 

Photographs taken at the scene revealed that the B-Double’s cab had flipped over in a ditch next to the road, but the rear trailers had stayed erect on the road.

Victims of a tragic accident in the South Burnett region of Queensland have left behind grieving family members. All three victims were members of the same family.

At around 5.45 in the morning, 54-year-old Steven Wheeler and his parents, Bob Wheeler, 84, and Magret, 81, were all pronounced dead at the site.

According to the Queensland Ambulance Service, authorities in the region reported thick fog. The neighborhood had also seen rainfall, which had soaked the roadways.

After receiving minor injuries, the 52-year-old male driver of the semi-trailer was quickly transported to Kingaroy Hospital by paramedics. He is currently in a stable condition.

Both roadways were temporarily blocked on Thursday but are now open again.

Despite the road’s reopening, a spokeswoman for the Queensland Police Service warned that drivers might encounter delays on Friday due to police’ planned visit to the location to further investigate.

Relatives and friends of the Wheeler family of Booie, close to Nanango, spoke highly of them.

David Morton, secretary of the South Burnett Darts Association, informed Steven’s daughter of his deepest sympathies.

“Tragic deaths,” according to Acting Inspector Brett Everest, will undoubtedly affect the tiny town.

The police said after advising and speaking with their relatives; they are really making sure that they are being cared for going forward.

Inspector Everest noted that it was a “miracle” that the truck driver did not sustain more severe injuries.