Officials Release Footage Of Horrifying Airport Scam

On March 24th, footage showing how one man reportedly managed to fly without a ticket was made public by authorities at Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC).

According to local reports, Wicliff Fleurizard was apprehended on Sunday for slipping onto the fully occupied Delta aircraft after hiding in the restroom.

Before boarding Flight 1683, Fleurizard took pictures of other passengers’ boarding permits.

According to a report, flight attendants noticed there was no seating available as the suspect came out of the restroom. According to reports, Fleurizard had no booking on any Delta flight.

The airplane had reportedly began to taxi down the runway when it was forced to turn back to the gate. The suspect was taken into custody by federal authorities and then placed in the Salt Lake County Jail.

Despite Fleurizard not having a valid ticket for the aircraft heading for Austin, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said he was scanned without issue.

According to the arrest document, Fleurizard had a Southwest Airlines boarding pass.

Fleurizard passed the security checkpoint using a “buddy pass” from Southwest Airlines but was informed that the aircraft was completely booked when he arrived at the gate. The suspect reportedly said that he needed to get back to his Texas house since relatives were coming from Florida following his visit to Park City, Utah.

Lately, specific individuals have been incentivized to perpetrate fraud on commercial aircraft.

Reports show the Biden administration implemented a new policy last year to increase illegal immigration. This program permits individuals to travel from their hometowns abroad to any U.S. city they like.

The scheme allows illegal migrants to use the administration’s app to choose a location, purchase a plane ticket, and fly in undetected on what are essentially “ghost flights” rather than rushing the Texas border.

More than 210,000 applications have been reviewed since January, according to the lawsuit filed by the Center for Immigration Studies against the Department of Homeland Security about the program’s documentation.

US Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) wrote to TSA Administrator David Pekoske in January, slamming the agency for jeopardizing national security by letting undocumented aliens board commercial aircraft without proper picture ID.