Owners of Las Vegas Apartment Complex Start Evictions

The owners of a problematic apartment complex have settled with Clark County and given residents 30 days to pay rent or vacate the premises.

Pro-Residential Services of California was chosen by the county commissioners last month as the settlement provider for the Apex apartments.

Following the county’s lawsuit against the owners in 2022, a court had earlier halted the eviction process. With the settlement in place, the owners may legally try to remove tenants who have not paid their rent. Additionally, the owners are obligated to make necessary repairs to the property, adhere to all applicable building and fire standards, and pay the county $45,000 as per the settlement.

The county claimed in the complaint that the owners were receiving rental assistance funds from the COVID program, which is also known as CHAP (CARES Homes Assistance Program) in Clark County while providing dangerous homes in several states. The county cited the complex’s terrible facilities and high crime rate as reasons for their decision. A team of investigators uncovered the company’s illegal operations.

According to the county records, Pro-Residential Services purchased the property in January 2021. By May 2022, the owners had amassed approximately $330,000 from CHAP, as reported by the county.

Due to the property’s condition, renters had not paid rent for months. A number of renters have claimed that they have filed an application to stay, taking the first step of asking a court to halt the eviction.

The owner had 30 days from the date of the temporary business license issue (April 25) to reapply for a permanent license; as of April 30, the county stated that the agreed-upon renovations had not been completed.

According to the county, the owners and renters of Apex will have received a total of $488,000 in CHAP funds by May 2024.

It is not known if the county would assist renters in finding new homes.