Princess Diana’s Brother Makes Startling Confession

Princess Diane’s brother, Charles Spencer, was a victim of boarding school abuse when he was a youngster and is now an outspoken activist against sending children as young as eight years old to such institutions. 

The school he attended in the 1970s, Maidwell Hall, has now turned itself in for investigation by the council regarding the allegations he made in his influential book “A Very Private School.” 

A female assistant matron at the Northamptonshire prep school abused him, as detailed in the book. Night after night, the ‘voracious pedophile’ groomed and abused him and other young boys, the 59-year-old Spencer recounted the ordeal.

Now Earl Spencer demands that boarding schools stop accepting students younger than nine.

He spoke on Lorraine Kelly’s show and said that he had nightmares for six months before starting school and that he strongly disagrees with the idea of sending children away at such a vulnerable age as seven or eight. He feels he was too young to have known better than to tell an adult about the abuse once it began.

The Spencer family house and the site of Diana’s burial, Althorp House, is located 10 miles away from Maidwell Hall. The institution, which used to accept solely male students until 2010, now costs annual tuition of up to £31,700 and serves as a feeder for prestigious private schools like Eton and Winchester. Although it was intended to teach good manners, Earl Spencer found it “deeply odd” that all female workers were to be addressed as “Please” instead of “Miss.” This was something that the boys were instructed to do as a way of displaying good manners, but it was simply strange.

The Maidwell Hall announced that it had notified the appointed official of the local government. An NSPCC representative commended Earl Spencer for his courageous public statements on the subject and encouraged anybody concerned about child abuse to contact their hotline.