Report: Millions Of Pandemic Funds Went To Migrants

According to reports, Washington state sent $1,000 checks to illegal immigrants who were not qualified for federal economic impact payouts during the epidemic, according to a new study that details the use of federal COVID monies in that state.

The Economic Policy Innovation Center (EPIC) report highlights the allocation of funds from the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund (SLFRF). This fund was established by the American Rescue Plan Act to assist state and local governments in their mitigation and adaptation efforts following the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to EPIC, the total amount of funds that Washington State got from the program was $4.4 billion. A program that distributed $1,000 checks to undocumented immigrants in the state received $340 million in financing.

An impact assessment found that the 2021 legislature-passed funds gave illegal immigrants in Washington another wave of funding.

In 2020, the state’s COVID-19 Immigrant Relief Fund handed out payments to illegal immigrants ineligible for government aid.

The state’s treasury reported $340 million in federal aid for one-time cash distributions.  Communities got 10% of it for program management.

This shows that the Biden administration deliberately backed illegal immigration while professing to be against COVID-19, according to EPIC.

Washington claimed it had paid $128 million under the Trump administration’s CARES Act to help 120,000 illegal immigrants who didn’t fulfill income standards, but it wasn’t enough.  The fund ended in early 2023.

EPIC study lists numerous additional federally funded illegal immigration ventures, including Arizona migrant music, art, and dance workshops and Massachusetts shelter expansion.

The Senate’s budget supplemental contains a bipartisan border compromise. However, EPIC president and CEO Paul Winfree told Fox News Digital that the government has intentionally encouraged illegal immigration by utilizing SLFRF COVID money to offer financial, housing, legal, and other advantages to unauthorized immigrants.

Winfree urged Congress to halt the fund’s $120 billion unspent balance.  He stated this money will attract illegal immigrants until Congress takes it back.

In response to concerns over illegal immigration, Congress is discussing a supplementary financing plan that would benefit host towns.  Republicans want asylum and parole limitations.