RFK Jr. Racks Up Huge Debt After Biden Denies Secret Service

While the Biden administration rejected Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s repeated demands for Secret Service protection, his presidential campaign raised a $1.4 million debt to a private security agency.

On Wednesday, Kennedy’s campaign filed its most recent report with the Federal Election Commission, detailing its February fundraising of $3.1 million and expenditures of $2.8 million. Reports say that security expert and longtime Kennedy buddy Gavin De Becker owns a private security business called Gavin De Becker and Associates and that the Kennedy campaign owes De Becker $1.4 million.

The campaign paid a little over $200,000 last month for security services and associated travel expenses, bringing the total spent on Gavin de Becker & Associates to nearly $2 million (not counting outstanding debt).

American Values 2024 is a pro-Kennedy super PAC, and De Becker has given millions of dollars to it in what he called “bridge funding” and donations. On Wednesday, the political action committee filed an additional report with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) stating that De Becker had given $4 million last month. Almost all of the $4.1 million that accounted for American Values 2024 was reported in February.

Kennedy spent a lot of money, even though he earned around $28 million since his presidential campaign began in April 2023. The campaign’s cash was $5 million as of the end of February. Wednesday’s FEC reports reveal that Biden’s campaign had $71 million in cash at the end of February, while former president Trump’s campaign claimed $33.5 million.

Kennedy accused Biden of turning down three requests for protection from the United States Secret Service while running for president in 2024. His uncle, the former President Kennedy, was slain in 1963, and his father, Robert F. Kennedy, was assassinated in 1968. Robert F. Kennedy served as a United States senator and United States attorney general and ran for president.