Schumer Gloats Over Deal With Republicans

Recently, a deal was reached between Congressional Democrats and Republicans that secured funding for the federal government until the end of the fiscal year which is at the end of September of 2024. Many Democrats including Chuck Schumer (the Senate leader) have openly gloated over the “compromise”, and it appears that the progressives likely secured much of what they wanted. Republicans had attempted to use leverage and block proposed funding bills by claiming that unless the United States Southern border and the crisis that continues to unfold there was addressed, Republicans would not support spending packages for the federal government. Unfortunately, it appears that the party has once again caved to the demands of the far left Democrats.

On January 7th, Mike Johnson and Chuck Schumer, the Republican Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader announced that they had reached a deal. The deal was for 1.59 trillion dollars of approved spending which would find the government until September 30th. The house minority leader Hakeem Jeffries was also quite pleased with the deal. The house freedom caucus, the more hard right conservative leaning coalition of Republicans openly condemned speaker Johnson’s decision to support the deal. The caucus took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to attack Johnson and called the move a surrender. Despite this, Johnson has claimed that he wont back out of supporting the deal.

Republicans have not won any meaningful elections since the 2016 election cycle in which the business and real estate mobile from New York City Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in an upset victory for the presidency. Republicans have appeared disorganized and disunified in terms of their messaging, have a very poor grassroots operation, have been unable to motivate or organize voters, and have thus been crushed in meaningful election cycles. As 2024 and the presidential election nears, it appears that Biden and Trump are set for a rematch of 2020.