Senate Democrats Push Biden to Address Gaza Medical Crisis

The Democratic senators from California are calling on President Biden to do more to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. They believe America, with its considerable resources, can provide more assistance and help suffering civilians.

In response to the continuing medical crisis in Gaza, several Democratic senators—among them, Jeff Merkley, Elizabeth Warren, Chris Van Hollen, Peter Welch, and Dick Durbin—have sent a letter to President Biden, requesting that he significantly increase the shipment of medical supplies to the territory.

The senators offered a compilation of testimonies from Americans and healthcare workers.

They said that the United States should immediately arrange for medical supplies and personnel to be airlifted to the facilities that are still working. They also requested that the Biden administration verify that the Israeli government would safeguard the healthcare facilities and employees.

An Israeli attack in Gaza killed seven humanitarian workers who were carrying food supplies, prompting calls for Israel to be more careful in protecting civilians and allowing assistance to enter the territory.

A tragic and unexpected assault happened on Monday while World Central Kitchen employees were fleeing a primary Gaza warehouse. Their most recent delivery to the warehouse was a large quantity of food assistance.

On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed profound remorse for the unintended damage inflicted upon people in the Gaza Strip and took responsibility for the unfortunate occurrence.

Over 32,700 lives have been tragically lost since October 7th due to the shelling of Gaza by Israel. Whole communities, as well as buildings and hospitals, have been leveled by this ceaseless assault.

Given the enclave’s dwindling resources, humanitarian groups have long voiced their worries. A study last month by the UN World Food Programme said that 1.1 million people in the territory are in danger of starvation because they have used up all of their food supply.

On Wednesday, the senators asked the Biden administration to clarify the US’s capacity to meet their demands. The proposals included sending Navy medical ships to the eastern Mediterranean, setting up field hospitals in North Gaza and Egypt, and arranging for the transfer of seriously wounded Palestinians.

On Thursday, Biden will meet with Netanyahu after voicing his worry this week on the safety of relief workers and civilians in Gaza.