State GOP House Overrides Governor’s Veto On Trans Surgeries

The Republican-controlled state House voted to override Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s veto of a bill that would ban transgender athletes from participating in women’s athletics and barred minors from receiving transgender medical treatment, the Associated Press reported.

Governor DeWine vetoed the legislation on December 29, saying the issues raised would be better addressed through administrative rules which he argued would have a better chance of surviving any legal challenges.

In a 65 to 28 vote along party lines, the state House overturned DeWine’s veto. The governor’s veto still faces an override vote in the state Senate on January 24.

The bill’s sponsor, Republican state Rep. Gary Click said he hoped the override and other potential future legislation would encourage those who had been afraid to speak out against transgender treatment for minors to come forward and oppose the practice.

Democrats blasted the Republican majority for overturning DeWine’s veto.

Following the override vote, Democrat state Rep. Dr. Beth Liston, a practicing pediatrician, accused the Republicans of arrogance, noting that none of them were mental health professionals or physicians.

Earlier this month, Governor DeWine issued an executive order aimed at addressing some of the elements of the legislation. The governor’s order sought to prevent minors from undergoing surgical procedures while allowing them to continue to receive non-surgical treatments like puberty blockers or hormone therapy.

DeWine’s executive order did not address the issue of transgender athletes participating in women’s sports.

About 20 states have passed laws or enacted regulations restricting or banning transgender medical procedures for minors. However, many have been challenged with the courts issuing mixed rulings. A federal judge in June struck down an Arkansas law, ruling that it violated the due process rights of patients, their parents, and physicians.

Around 20 states have also approved a ban on transgenders participating in women’s sports, in K-12 and universities.