Stripped BARE – This ‘Tease’ Went TOO FAR!

Lawsuits have been filed against three Arizona strip clubs, alleging that customers were drugged, and charged for exorbitant purchases while they were insensate.

According to Fox News 10, the suit was first filed in January. The filing names three “sister locations” in the greater Phoenix area: Tempe’s Dream Palace, Bones Cabaret in Scottsdale, and Skin Cabaret which is also located in Scottsdale. All three are located within two miles of each other on the Loop 202 highway.

The lawsuit claims that twenty individuals, while enjoying the venues, were lured into VIP rooms where they were drugged unconscious. After awakening in a daze, they discovered that charges they had not authorized, totaling tens of thousands of dollars each, had been made to their credit cards. The total of the alleged fraud exceeds $1 million. The report issued by Fox 10 says that records indicate other customers who are not party to the suit have made similar claims.

None of the parties to the suit took a drug test after their experience, despite claiming in their complaint that they were drugged.

One customer describes the experience as walking through a cloud of perfume, and said it did not feel like alcohol intoxication. He felt as if some other force was inducing him to consent to the agenda that the strippers were “pushing” on him. He felt as if he didn’t have control of himself, and said that this was the first time he recalled ever feeling that way.

Lawyer Dennis Wilenchik, who represents one of the defendants, said in a statement that the allegations are “baseless.” The card charges, he contends, were already investigated and approved by the credit card companies.

One party to the suit, going by the name of “Bobby,” claims to have been charged around $181,000, the highest of any of the plaintiffs.

A similar scheme in 2008 served as the basis of the film Hustlers, starring Jennifer Lopez.