Stunt Double DIES – Hollywood SHOCKED!

Movie star Chris Pratt took to Instagram this week to pay a heartfelt tribute to Todd McFarr, his former stunt double, who died tragically at the age of 47. He spoke lovingly of the pair’s many hours spent together on set.

Pratt wrote that he was devastated when he heard the news about McFarr’s death. In addition to working together on several films, Pratt said, they also smoked cigars, drank whiskey, and went golfing together. McFar exhibited great toughness, in Pratt’s estimation. The movie star spoke of one incident where he remembers McFarr sustaining a nasty blow to the head necessitating several staples to close the wound, and then came right back to the set ready to continue working. Pratt called his friend an “absolute stud,” a “professional,” and a “gentleman” who will be greatly missed.


Pratt also shared snapshots of himself and McFarr in full costume from the sets of Passengers and the Jurassic World films where the two worked together starting in 2015. McFarr also served as Pratt’s stand-in as Star Lord charactter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to McFarr’s LinkedIn resume, he had more than twenty years of entertainment industry experience at the time of his passing. His IMDB profile also lists among his credits such blockbusters as Captain America, The Hunger Games, and the Planet of the Apes franchise.

McFarr died on Monday in his home near Orlando, Florida. His mother told TMZ that the death was a shock.  His cause of death, according to his family, has yet to be discovered. The Medical Examiner’s office in Orange County, Florida stated that they are currently running toxicology and other tests as it attempts to determine why McFarr died.

McFarr was a talented performer who did stunt work for some of Hollywoods biggest names in a number of recent blockbusters, including Antman and the Wasp, Jurassic World, Darkest Minds, and the Gardens of the Galaxy films.