Tech Billionaire CORNERED – Merciless Ruling!

On Monday, Elon Musk’s X Corp suffered a defeat in Federal court when the judge dismissed its case against the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH). X filed its original complaint last summer, accusing the self-styled anti-disinformation and anti-hate watchdog group of making false claims about an alleged explosion of hate speech on the social media platform since Musk took over the company in 2022.

Since buying Twitter/X in order to advance free speech, Musk has faced numerous allegations of enabling hate and suppressing speech critical of him.

The stated mission of the CDDH is to hold accountable social media companies for their “business choices,” because the CCDH believes that civil liberties and human right are “eroded” when platforms allow disinformation and hate to spread on their platforms.

The lawsuit alleges that the CCDH’s UK and US branches, while masquerading as research agencies, are in truth activist groups receiving funding by entities that might include foreign governments and legacy media companies, and that their true mission is to control public discourse by driving advertisers away from X and other targeted platforms.

The complaint further alleges that CCDH unlawfully and intentionally accessed data, violating the terms of service of the X platform.

Judge Charles Breyer of the US District Court declared in his ruling that the lawsuit was “unabashedly and vociferously” designed to punish the public speech of the defendants.

CCDH, posting on X in response to the ruling, boasted about the dismissal, calling it baseless and intimidatory, and designed to silence ongoing research efforts. The ruling, they said, held giant social media companies accountable.

X News was not pleased with Breyer’s decision. They said in a public posting that the San Francisco court’s decision ignored the alleged illegality and defamatory public statements. CCDH’s research, X said, was designed to mislead the public. Because of all of this, X strongly disagrees with the court’s actions and is currently planning an appeal.