Teen Who Briefly Dated Bondi Junction Stabber Shares Details of Affair

Joel Cauchi, a mass murderer, was involved with an 18-year-old girl when he was 37. The young woman, Josephine Everson, discovered Cauchi in 2019 through a dating website in Toowoomba, Queensland. They met for coffee at Northpoint Shopping Centre and developed a strong connection through their shared passion for photography. However, their relationship took a turn for the worse when Cauchi relocated to Brisbane in October 2019. The couple attempted to maintain communication but ultimately ended their relationship due to geographical separation.

Michele and Andrew Cauchi, the parents of Cauchi, had been attempting to contact their 40-year-old son in recent months. They reached out to his bank to inquire about his status and account activity. Cauchi sent his parents a selfie from Sydney just five weeks ago, but their subsequent encounter with their son was on television, witnessing him carry out a horrific shopping center attack.

Several individuals who were previously in a romantic relationship with Cauchi have stepped forward following the Bondi stabbing incident. A Brisbane woman who met Cauchi on Tinder in 2020 felt he was just interested in connecting with others. A woman from the Gold Coast shared her short-lived connection with the perpetrator, stating that they only met in person once because he didn’t match her preferences.

Despite Cauchi’s father mentioning that he led a nomadic lifestyle, the woman from the Gold Coast did not remember him showing any interest in traveling. She expressed her surprise at his presence in Bondi and the disturbing details of their relationship.

The woman fortuitously ended her relationship with the knifeman due to his peculiar behavior and his relocating.

Cauchi was diagnosed with schizophrenia during his teenage years, and his parents believe he stopped taking his medication, leading to his psychosis. 

The six victims who lost their lives are Ashlee Good, Dawn Singleton, Jade Young, Pikria Darchia, Faraz Tahir, and Yixuan Cheng. 

The police are currently investigating the attack and will conduct a coronial inquest. The incident highlights the importance of understanding and accepting mental illness, as it can be challenging to deal with. The victims’ families and those involved in the incident are also affected by the tragedy.