Teens Risk Life to Save Man Attempting Suicide on Rail Tracks

Young man sitting on the railway track and thinking about life

When a train was about to run over a desperate man, two teenage boys did the courageous thing and hopped onto the rails, saving a man’s life.

Harley Hollingworth, 16, saved a stranger who had leaped onto the rails, and Freddie Corbett, 15, at Bolton-upon-Dearne station in South Yorkshire.

On Saturday night, while waiting for the last train home, the friends observed the man lying in a sleeping bag on the platform.

Freddie stepped in as soon as the man got up and threatened suicide. Freddie assured the man that that would not be happening that night.

The boys said that helping the man—even though it put them in harm’s way—was just their natural instinct kicking in. Their bravery has won over hundreds of fans.

After the fact, Freddie’s grandma scolded him for being so foolish, saying that a train could have crushed him. However, his parents are pleased with their son’s heroics.

The boys claimed to have seen the train’s headlights, and Freddie estimated that it had entered the station around 45 seconds after they had alighted from the train.

Dale Hollingworth, 39, Harley’s dad, claimed he is still reeling from everything.

According to Network Rail’s Gary Robinson, who paid tribute to the two on social media, they unquestionably saved the man’s life.

Robinson couldn’t speak highly enough of the two boys, saying that they are a credit to their parents. He went on to say that kids these days are unfairly criticized, but he has faith that we will all be okay because of the behavior those two people displayed. If you happen to come across any, he advised getting them a J20, as they aren’t old enough for pints yet!

If you or someone you know is struggling to cope, there is someone who will listen to you without passing judgment at 116 123. On the other end of the line will be a Good Samaritan.