Tesla Charging Stations Overwhelmed With Dead Cars

In the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden defeated the incumbent Donald Trump to achieve a significant victory and make the 45th president a one term president. While the race was closely contested, over the last several years the state of the American economy has changed significantly. The middle class of the nation continues to shrink in what has become known as the hourglass effect. The gap dividing the affluent and the poor has continued to grow, and the percentage of people in the middle class has shrunk. Inflation has further hurt the working citizens of the country by resulting in soaring prices. Groceries have become increasingly expensive and the cost of basic necessities has skyrocketed. What’s worse, for families making near the average national income, the cost of purchasing a house has increased to such an extent that it is nearly impossible for the family to do so in most of the country.

Unsurprisingly, nearly half of the nation believes that the American dream is dead. As citizens continue to become crushed economically, the Biden administration has remained steadfast in the promotion of their “green energy” agenda. In several progressively run states like New Jersey and California, potential dates have been placed on an eventual ban of non-electric vehicles. Truly, though, the average electric car cost consumers around $70,000 a year, a price point that is simply unattainable by many working class Americans today.

Problems with these cars are widespread, especially in the colder weather. In the city of Chicago, bitter cold arrived. Many people were frustrated in the region with their electric vehicles experiencing dead batteries and were unable to start in the frigid temperatures. Many were witnessed all around the city and it’s metropolitan region desperately attempting to charge their vehicles are temperatures plummeted. Many of these charging centers turned into car “graveyards’ ‘ as many owners simply abandoned their vehicles due to the shut down and  immobility.