Tesla Issues Safety Recall Of 2 Million Vehicles

MASS Recall – 2 MILLION Affected!

According to reports, following a safety regulator’s statement that the Autopilot advanced driver-assistance system presented safety issues, Tesla has decided to recall slightly more than two million cars in the US in order to implement additional protections.

More than two years have passed since the NHTSA began investigating electric car manufacturer Elon Musk’s Tesla for failing to sufficiently guarantee that drivers maintain focus while using Autopilot.

A report shows that acting NHTSA Administrator Ann Carlson said in August that driver monitoring systems must account for the fact that people tend to overtrust technology.

Even while technology doesn’t make vehicles completely driverless, Tesla’s Autopilot can help with lane changes on highways and automatically steer, accelerate, and halt inside their lane.

As part of the Autopilot, there is Autosteer, which helps keep a car in its lane by maintaining a certain speed or following distance.

Reports show Tesla voiced its disagreement with NHTSA’s findings and announced a software patch that will add more controls and alerts to affected vehicles. The goal is to make drivers even more responsible for maintaining a constant speed while Autosteer is active.

A report shows that the NHTSA claims the upgrade will restrict the use of basic Autopilot software and enhance driver warnings. Drivers still need to pay focus, but the upgrade should make it more challenging to disregard warning messages when Autosteer is active but requires attention or is canceled.

After more than a dozen accidents in which Tesla cars collided with stopped emergency vehicles, the NHTSA began investigating the company’s Autopilot technology in August 2021.

NHTSA zeroed down on 322 accidents using Autopilot after reviewing 956 collisions in which it was first thought to be utilized.

An upgrade will be implemented for 2.03 million Model S, X, 3, and Y cars in the US.