Top Haley Donors Pull Out After Loss

Following Donald Trump’s warning to her contributors, Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s campaign reported receiving $1 million. But now that Trump has effectively become the party candidate, one of her famous backers has ceased giving to her campaign.

After Haley failed to pull off an upset in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, metals magnate and Haley supporter Andy Sabin claimed that the Republican campaign was effectively finished.

On Wednesday, Sabin suggested that Haley not continue. She will run out of money, no matter what anybody says.

Trump will undoubtedly face Democratic President Joe Biden in a general election rematch in November, following his straight victory in the New Hampshire and Iowa races, which have substantially sealed his route to the Republican nomination. It should be noted that Trump is presently the subject of four separate criminal investigations.

Haley recently saw billionaire LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman join other significant contributors in deciding to cease supporting Haley’s campaign. He will no longer be donating to her.

On Thursday night, Hoffman’s adviser Dmitri Mehlhorn said he was rethinking his choice because of Haley’s harsher criticism of Trump. Haley questioned Trump’s mental faculties because he is 77 years old.

Trump vented his frustration at Haley on the Truth Social app, saying that he would cut ties with everybody who supported her if she did not get out.

Haley included a donation link for her campaign in her response on X.

According to a campaign official, the Haley campaign has raised around $1 million since the post.

Earlier this month, Haley’s campaign revealed that the candidate raised $24.5 million from October to December.

As part of their efforts to get Haley to resign, Trump and his team have resorted to threatening her contributors while aggressively courting his own, even going so far as to arrange one-on-one meetings at his Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida.

Donors who support Haley choose to ignore Trump’s warning, but it is impossible to overlook the possibility that Haley’s momentum and capacity to continue collecting donations for her campaign might be negatively affected by unfavorable stories regarding contributors pulling their support.