Traditional Wife Strikes Up Major Internet Controversy

Estee Williams, a 26-year-old TikTok content creator, has sparked an online conversation about gender roles, feminism, and equality. She shares her lifestyle as a “traditional wife” (tradwife), a subculture of housewives who value traditional gender roles, prioritize homemaking, and embrace patriarchal marriage. Tradwives prioritize femininity, care for their husbands, children, and family, and value their home more than a career and salary.

In a popular video with 1.2 million views, Williams shares advice on embracing traditional roles in a relationship. She encourages her followers to marry a strong, caring, and traditional gender role-loving partner. However, she warns about entering into a union with the wrong partner. Williams emphasizes the importance of approaching dating with a serious mindset and encourages women to carefully consider potential partners before adopting a mindset overly concerned with social issues.

The growing popularity of traditional content can be attributed to modern culture’s gradual attempt to diminish traditional gender boundaries. She mentions the prevalence of processed food and the lack of basic homemaking skills traditionally taught to young girls as reasons for women to learn these skills.

Some social media users have mixed reactions to her videos, with some praising and condemning them. Christina Pushaw, an aide to Gov. Ron DeSantis, expressed her support for individuals who embrace a traditional lifestyle as long as their partner does not exploit them.

Some users have claimed that Williams is deceitful and uses her content to generate income and attract attention. Others argue that the household responsibilities should be divided equally between both partners. Williams claims that her inspiration came from her upbringing and a desire for something different than what they experienced.

The couple resides in a spacious 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom house in the suburbs. Williams creates videos showcasing her daily life, often sharing her passion for cooking, baking from scratch, cleaning, and gardening.

When not at home, she stays active by exercising, figure skating, and practicing makeup application.

Her videos often capture a nostalgic vibe reminiscent of the 1950s.