Trump Confirms He’s Chosen a VP

Over the last half a decade and more, since the election of Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, the term “fake news” has often been used by the former 45th president and his supporters. Indeed, individuals on the right of the political spectrum have freely utilized the term to describe the state of left wing media outlets like NBC, CNN, ABC, and others who openly report in an extreme left-leaning fashion. While Trump himself has often claimed that he should be credited with “inventing” the term, many have alleged that the media editor of BuzzFeed named Craig Silverman deserves the credit for the popularity of the saying.

Regardless of this, it is no secret that the political environment within the United States is one that is increasingly polarized in nature. Sadly, both political parties continue to quarrel and bicker with each other in extremely unproductive ways as the average citizens of America are suffering. In truth, the government of the United States has done very little to help the people they are supposed to represent in recent years. Spending packages that were promoted by President Biden and legislated by congress have contributed massively to rising inflation and the American working class has been crushed as the power of the dollar continues to decline. Home prices have skyrocketed, and 60% of citizens are estimated to be living paycheck to paycheck. In truth, things in the country are far from stable, and as they continue to worsen, media outlets on both the left and the right continue to advance their own agendas with selfish motives.

Recently, Trump claimed he has made his choice for a running mate. In an interview with Brett Baier in New Hampshire, Trump stated he has chosen his mate and that people would not be shocked once it was revealed. Trump says he is in no rush to disclose this information and may wait another several months.